Xbox One leak could allow people to make their own games for the console

Group says it has more leaks in store

Andrew Griffin
Wednesday 31 December 2014 12:48 GMT

A hacker group has leaked a previously secret piece of software that lets developers make games for the Xbox One.

The Xbox One SDK was reportedly leaked by a hacking group calling itself H4LT.

Xbox keeps the approval process for games locked down — developers must register with Microsoft and be approved before posting games to the Xbox’s official release channels. That protection will still be in place, but the leak of the SDK could lead to the emergence of a “homebrew” community, of developers making and sharing games for the Xbox One through unofficial channels.

That isn’t possible yet, but in a short interview posted to The Tech Game the group said that it hoped the leak would allow people with knowledge to look through the files and find ways of exploiting the software.

The group said that it has “plans to leak future software”. But it said that it can’t identify the targets right now, “just incase”.

The group posted the SDK through a link on its Twitter, as well as sharing screenshots from the software kit.

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