My Carbon Footprint

Boris Johnson and the art of delayed gratification

Time is money in the saving the planet game. But not always in the way you might think, writes Kate Hughes

Thursday 18 November 2021 07:00
<p>The PM took a private jet from Cop26 to London to go to dinner with a friend</p>

The PM took a private jet from Cop26 to London to go to dinner with a friend

There are few things on which I concur with our dear leader. So I was surprised when a comment of his hit home. The one about private jets. Of all things.

We know there were 400 such vanity projects at Cop26, that top EU official Ursula von der Leyer called upon the world to act against the ravages of climate change just as she travelled a total of 31 miles in one, and that our own prime minister decided it was perfectly reasonable to return to London on one mid-talks. To have dinner with a mate.

Sadly, the private aircraft polluting the skies above Glasgow and everywhere else are only increasing in number. Broker Colibri Aircraft reckons the number registered in Europe every year is rising, with 2,444 around at the moment.

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