Employers have to put vaccinated and vulnerable workers first

Persuasion is better than compulsion, says James Moore – but some people aren’t going to be persuaded

Monday 02 August 2021 00:01
<p>A requirement to get into the office?  </p>

A requirement to get into the office?

When it comes to vaccination, persuasion is clearly better than compulsion.

There are real-world examples of where it has proved to be highly effective too. I’ve talked to Unison about the efforts it has been making. Peer to peer persuasion has worked well in the NHS.

A recent BBC Panorama programme assembled a panel of people nervous about Covid vaccines and then exposed them to a widely circulated piece of disinformation – a video peppered with toxic lies. It was frighteningly effective with some. However, the programme then put them in front of an epidemiologist who gave them the truth. The scenes of previously doubtful panel members getting their shots as the programme ended were heartening.

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