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Why shake-up may put financial watchdog at odds with ministers who expect a ‘light touch’

Chief Nikhil Rathi wants a more assertive regulator to protect consumers, which may fall foul of the chancellor’s call for an FCA that promotes the City’s international competitiveness, writes James Moore

Sunday 28 November 2021 21:30
<p>The FCA is giving its managers more power</p>

The FCA is giving its managers more power

Watch out fraudsters, scam artists and shiny suited pension thieves. Britain’s financial cops have put in for some shooters and the chief super’s granted their request. The Money Sweeney is hitting the streets!

OK, OK, that’s not quite how the Financial Conduct Authority’s press release puts it. After going through a hundred sets of hyper-cautious eyes before sign-off, the headline read: “FCA reforms decision-making to tackle consumer harm.”

You at the back, stifle that yawn!

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