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KPMG chair facing investigation over crass comments – but other bad bosses have thrived in pandemic Britain

Some entitled and macho managers have forced staff into offices during the pandemic and there have not yet been any prosecutions, writes James Moore

Thursday 11 February 2021 21:30
<p>Taxing times: Bill Michael has stepped aside</p>

Taxing times: Bill Michael has stepped aside

If you think it’s just Bill “stop moaning, take control of your lives” Michael dumping on the people whose work pays for their hugely inflated pay packages during lockdown, think again. 

The KPMG UK chair is not an ugly exception. There are plenty more like him. There are worse. 

A quick recap. In addition to the above comments, Michael also described unconscious bias training as “complete crap” and berated consultants who’d talked about their pandemic struggles, for “playing the victim”. 

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