I’m giving my daughter a musical education she doesn’t deserve

Rummaging through his CD collection, Will Gore takes himself on a nostalgia trip and his daughter on a road to nowhere

Saturday 31 July 2021 21:30
<p>Reflective: CDs are not a redundant media for a nostalgic father</p>

Reflective: CDs are not a redundant media for a nostalgic father

We’re trying to watch less TV. It’s not that we watch a particularly crazy amount. On a regular evening, once the youngest child has been put to bed (for the first time, anyway) and we’ve finally eaten some supper, my wife and I tend to settle down on the sofa and stick on the telly at about 8.30pm.

It’s usually too late to start on a film, and neither of us has the energy for any of the nerve-shattering dramas that we keep being told we should watch. Given the choice, I’ll probably plump for a comedy panel thing – Taskmaster is my current “go to” show, having discovered it belatedly. My wife, a nurse, will vote for Grey’s Anatomy or ER… never Casualty, it’s too close to home.

This is all fairly mundane fare but increasingly, our daughter wants to join the sitting-room party in the evening and this puts us in a quandary. Sweary comedians are not ideal for an 11-year-old; and an 11-year-old chattering about The Sims video game isn’t ideal for adults who are trying to follow even the simplest medical soap opera. What’s more, she spends too much time looking at screens as it is. When we let her watch Would I Lie To You, we’re simply feeding the habit.

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