The long road to a veterans bill, paved by Jon Stewart

It seemed like a bill to extend healthcare to US veterans affected by burn pits might be blocked by Republicans – then a beloved TV host stepped in. David Taintor reports

<p>Jon Stewart hugs a veteran campaigner </p>

Jon Stewart hugs a veteran campaigner

Jon Stewart gets results.

The former late-night political satirist embarked on a new chapter after his stint at the helm of The Daily Show – advocating for veterans. And so far, it’s been an effective venture.

He travelled to Washington DC and took to the airwaves of Fox News to promote the Pact Act, which provides healthcare to military veterans exposed to toxic chemicals from burn pits. These pits, which were used by the American military in Iraq and Afghanistan to dispose of waste products that include plastics, chemicals, paint, petroleum and unexploded artillery, give off toxic fumes. Their usage left thousands of US veterans with lung disease, rare cancers and other ill effects.

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