There’s only one thing on my travel wish list – a simpler set of rules

Green, amber and red lists, fully vaccinated only, watchlists and ‘super greens’ – who can keep track any more, asks Lucy Thackray

Monday 13 September 2021 00:00
<p>Transport secretary Grant Shapps addresses the media in Downing Street</p>

Transport secretary Grant Shapps addresses the media in Downing Street

With all eyes on the Department for Transport in the next three weeks, we’re praying for one thing: a simpler system for Covid-era travel.

Whether you’re one of the pilots, cabin crew and travel agents struggling to stay afloat as the furlough scheme comes to an end (long before the travel sector has really had a chance to bounce back), the holidaymakers infuriated by ever-changing, wildly varying travel rules from country to country, or journalists filing stories from green and amber list countries, hoping they’ll still be relevant in a week, I think we can all agree that something’s got to give.

This week, the travel hive has been abuzz with anonymous tips, industry leaks and rampant rumours that a new system for the UK’s international travel rules is in the offing – some indicating that major changes could be coming as soon as 1 October. Whether this new way will rely on vaccination status, reciprocal arrangements between countries or narrow things down to two lists – one “safe” and one “unsafe” for travel – remains to be seen.

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