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We have finally hit a TV brick wall – delayed productions are leaving a void in schedules

Gone are the days when lockdown was like one long TV feast. A barren patch was always inevitable, writes Charlotte Cripps

Saturday 13 February 2021 00:38
<p>French drama ‘Call My Agent’ is now on Netflix</p>

French drama ‘Call My Agent’ is now on Netflix

As I picked up the Radio Times for the TV schedule next week, my heart sank. Anything new and exciting on TV? Oh, nothing again. I know lockdown is like living in Groundhog Day, but surely TV is meant to be our saviour?

My eye hovered as I searched for a TV show to get my teeth into. But I look crestfallen. Have things really got so bad that we are forced to watch a repeat of a 50-year-old BBC drama from 1971 – Elizabeth R starring Glenda Jackson which starts on Wednesday on BBC4?

I’m sure it packs as many punches as Netflix’s The Crown, but I’m looking for something of the moment – another I May Destroy You or Normal People – or better still, Succession season three. But sadly, it’s been delayed like so much good TV due to the Covid pandemic

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