It’s all Covid, Covid, Covid. I can’t let it stop me living the dream

A reunion with the psychic who helped her get together with Alex proves unsettling for Charlotte Cripps

Wednesday 06 January 2021 10:50

It’s 2021. I’m now on first-name terms at my local walk-in Covid test centre in North Kensington; I’ve been so many times. It’s a hell of a place; not a yummy mummy in sight as they all do it privately. It reminds me of lining up outside a nightclub with bouncers at the door keeping you in order. Those were the days when I had a social life – before kids and Covid.

I know they spray it all down when you leave a cubicle, but I wonder if hanging out here is why the NHS Test and Trace app caught up with me and told me to isolate for four days after Christmas? Or was it when I went into Tesco and passed somebody in the cheese aisle? 

I didn’t get clean and sober 21 years ago to be trapped in my flat like a reclusive addict climbing the walls

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