The extreme fishermen on the hunt for a prehistoric monster in Wisconsin

What drives a community to a frozen lake every February, armed with just spears and multiple layers of clothing, to hunt a giant fish? James Rampton finds out

Wednesday 17 November 2021 21:30
<p>The fishermen are out on the ice for 16 days straight </p>

The fishermen are out on the ice for 16 days straight

Stuart Muche, one of the Frozen Chosen, a group of extreme ice fishermen from Wisconsin, reveals how some people view the group: “Most of those who do not get involved in this probably think we’re absolutely crazy … They might be on to something there!”

Why might people question the good sense of the Frozen Chosen, then? Let’s cast our net in pursuit of an explanation.

Each February, for a 16-day period, a legion of astoundingly resilient hunters, equipped only with 7ft handmade spears, multiple layers of clothing and an indomitable sense of optimism, descend on the enormous frozen Lake Winnebago in Wisconsin.

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