Draconian Tory bills will deliver a dystopian Britain

Behind the boozy garden-party headlines, a far more sinister game is afoot. Some chilling legislation has been making its way through parliament, designed to give the government authoritarian powers to strip Britons of basic freedoms. Steve Boggan reveals all

Wednesday 19 January 2022 11:11
<p>Civil liberties and freedom in Britain are under threat </p>

Civil liberties and freedom in Britain are under threat

Imagine a country where protests could be limited in duration, location and noise – or banned altogether – on the whim of a police officer. Or where a person’s citizenship might be revoked in secret because their family happens to hail from another part of the world. Or where an individual could be stopped and searched because they ought to have known about something when, in fact, they knew nothing about it at all.

And how about a regime that gives its officials permission to put the lives of illegal immigrants at risk, promising not to prosecute them if their actions result in men, women and children dying?

No, this isn’t some dystopian world created by Franz Kafka. Nor is it one of the usual suspects: China, Russia or North Korea. All of these scenarios could – and in all likelihood will – happen in the UK in the next few months.

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