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Can I get compensation for my occupied train seat?

Simon Calder answers your questions on the latest travel rules and the best time to visit Tunisia

Monday 07 March 2022 21:30
<p>Try to take advantage of LNER’s ‘seat guarantee scheme’ </p>

Try to take advantage of LNER’s ‘seat guarantee scheme’

Q At the weekend I travelled from Peterborough to Durham with LNER. I waited on the platform close to a group of four elderly people who were accompanied by station staff. When the train arrived, they were directed to sit down at a table of four where one of the seats was mine.

A member of staff found me another seat on what was a very crowded train, but I could only occupy it until York – whereupon I had to leave and switch to another for the last 45 minutes of the journey.

Engineering work meant that the trip took over three hours rather than just over two, and I ended up sitting backwards instead of forwards (which I always book), which made me feel queasy. Do I have any right to compensation?

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