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What happens if I return to the UK 10 days after being in a country recently put on the red list?

Simon Calder answers your questions on entering Britain from Mexico, visiting the Greek islands, and the ‘180 days’ rule for the EU post-Brexit

Saturday 14 August 2021 01:06
<p>Mexico has joined the red list, putting UK tourists in another quandary</p>

Mexico has joined the red list, putting UK tourists in another quandary

Q I have a client who was recently in Mexico for 10 days. This was before Mexico went on to the UK red list, but I gather it still has an impact. He left Cancun on 5 August and arrived in the European Union on 6 August. He is due to travel to UK 10 days later on 16 August.

Is that OK or does he need to arrive a day later? The details seem so vague.

Kokeshi AC, via the latest Ask Me Anything at

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