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Can UK tourists drive through France to reach Italy or Spain?

Simon Calder answers your questions on the France travel ban, skiing holidays and returning to Britain from China

Saturday 18 December 2021 01:17
<p>Brits won’t be enjoying Paris or other French cities this Christmas </p>

Brits won’t be enjoying Paris or other French cities this Christmas

Q Since France blocks UK tourists now, does that mean nobody can drive through France for Italy or Spain? If so, what are the alternatives?

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A Sadly, you are correct. For a time after an ambiguous French statement about the travel ban was released on Thursday morning, it looked as though transit in a private car might be possible within 24 hours. Indeed, a couple of operators told me it would be. But by Friday morning, the French government had clarified that transit for less than 24 hours is permitted only for airline passengers going elsewhere without entering France.

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