Inside Politics: Boris Johnson drowning in ‘sewage’ of sleaze, says Labour

The prime minister is under serious pressure – as both the BBC and ITV claim sources heard him make the ‘bodies pile high’ remark, writes Adam Forrest

Tuesday 27 April 2021 08:15

’m interested in one thing and only thing only – and that’s tying up tantalising plotlines. “Every investigation has led to this,” goes the new promo forLine of Duty’s season finale. The clip hints that ‘H’ will be unveiled at long last. Westminster is currently drowning tantalising plotlines. It’s not clear where all the investigations are leading – or how the various strands of our “sleaze” thriller will be tied up – but it’s clear Boris Johnson is in serious trouble. Both the BBC and ITV are claiming sources heard the PM’s say the now-notorious “let the bodies pile high” remark. Mother of God. What next?

Inside the bubble

Senior political commentator John Rentoul on what to look out for today:

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