Inside Politics: Tory MPs demand Boris Johnson grants ‘crucial’ vote on vaccine passports

Furious backbenchers fear they could be sidelined over Covid certification plans, writes Adam Forrest

Tuesday 06 April 2021 09:11

How long is too long without real change? Russian president Vladimir Putin has now signed a law which lets him to hold onto power until 2036. The autocrat, who has already been power for more than two decades, said it would stop his underlings “darting their eyes” in search of successors. No-one is accusing of Boris Johnson of being an autocrat. But there are a lot of darting eyebrows about just how long his Covid rules will have to last. No 10 has said vaccine passports are “likely to become a feature of our lives” – angering backbenchers who fear the PM could back out of a promise to let them vote on it.

Inside the bubble

Chief political commentator John Rentoul on what to look out for today:

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