Inside Politics: Angela Rayner allies ‘urging her to run’ against Keir Starmer

The deputy leader’s supporters are said to be preparing a leadership challenge if Labour loses the big by-election in Batley and Spen, writes Adam Forrest

Thursday 01 July 2021 08:12

Harry’s back. He and Prince William will be “putting on a brave face” for the unveiling of the Diana statue today, say royal watchers – though the pair are expected to meet for clear-the-air talks. Looks like Keir Starmer will be “putting on a brave face” for the by-election in Batley and Spen, with Labour braced for a damaging defeat. Starmer may need clear-the-air talks with Angela Rayner. His deputy is said to be “on manoeuvres” for a possible leadership challenge. Meanwhile Andy Burnham, mayor of Greater Manchester, has suggested he’d like to return to Westminster. Could the king of the north be Labour’s crown prince in waiting?

Inside the bubble

Policy correspondent Jon Stone on what to look out for today:

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