Infighting can be dangerous for Boris Johnson’s cabinet – voters will only accept it if things are going well

I know from experience of Westminster that these things need to be nipped in the bud, writes Salma Shah

Wednesday 13 October 2021 15:41
<p>Downing Street has supported the business secretary, Kwasi Kwarteng</p>

Downing Street has supported the business secretary, Kwasi Kwarteng

It is often said that the hardest job in government is the home secretary’s, but when money is under the microscope, that title almost certainly belongs to the chancellor. Poor Rishi Sunak is forever batting away constant requests for cash injections.

If it's not Covid, its energy companies and countless other things. It’s very hard to be popular in such tight circumstances, when you’re the only person saying no.

Is it any wonder that a source at Her Majesty’s Treasury reportedly hit out at the business secretary, Kwasi Kwarteng, after Kwarteng said he’d been engaging with Rishi’s department on support for energy intensive industries. The source claimed “it was not the first time” Kwarteng “has made things up in interviews”. Well, if that doesn’t deserve an eyes emoji followed by fire, what else could possibly reach the benchmark?

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