‘Blue Labour’ Boris Johnson has Keir Starmer trapped

The prime minister has the initiative: in power, he can do things which leave the Labour leader explaining and losing, writes John Rentoul

Thursday 09 September 2021 14:28
<p>Boris Johnson, the social-care prime minister </p>

Boris Johnson, the social-care prime minister

Allister Heath, a columnist in The Daily Telegraph, condemns Boris Johnson: “This government is no longer Thatcherite, or even conservative: it is Blue Labour.” He is absolutely right.

He is furious about it, but the prime minister must be delighted. Blue Labour was a term coined for the kind of socially conservative, working-class politics that Maurice Glasman, briefly Ed Miliband’s guru, urged Labour to adopt. Blue as in Tory and as in blue collar: clever, eh?

Well, Miliband didn’t think so, choosing to take the Labour Party in the opposite direction, towards a socially liberal, middle-class socialism – a journey accelerated by Jeremy Corbyn.

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