An instance that shows economic pressure can work

The agreement between Dan Gertler and the Democratic Republic of the Congo is worthy of note, argues Chris Blackhurst

Friday 02 December 2022 21:30 GMT
The US Treasury had placed sanctions on Dan Gertler
The US Treasury had placed sanctions on Dan Gertler (AP)

They have become the weapon of choice for politicians. Unable to tackle a person or a country head-on, they resort to sanctions.

I would not be alone in doubting their worth, regarding them as too easily deployed and generally ineffective. In many cases, the target will find a way of shielding their assets and they can carry on as normal.

If they’re designed to achieve a policy switch that rarely succeeds either. So far, the UK has sanctioned more than 1,000 Russians since Vladimir Putin gave the order to invade Ukraine in February – another 22 were added to the banned list this week – with no discernible impact on Russia’s stance.

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