Thanks to late action and mixed messaging the government is losing its grip over the Covid-19 regulations

Will all the fudging we have seen in recent days, writes Janet Street-Porter, is it any wonder confidence in our leaders is falling?

Friday 05 June 2020 20:59

As the death toll passes 40,000, have we reached emotional meltdown? New research by King’s College London shows that the number who are passively abiding by (and agreeing with) lockdown is about the same as those who feel it is being eased too fast, but a growing number (one in four) are utterly frustrated, concerned about finances, jobs and mental health.

I’m in that category: angry and powerless, losing control of my destiny.

Meanwhile, a large number of the young seem to be doing whatever they please (chances of dying from Covid-19, about 1 in 280,000 if you’re under 25), but an increasing number of their parents, older people and anyone living alone has had enough of being cooped up and treated like children.

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