The UK quarantine rules are a confusing mess – and it won’t be long before people have had enough

A series of recent decisions have spread nothing but confusion, writes Janet Street-Porter. Yes, we have to protect the UK – but there has to be a better way than this

Friday 07 August 2020 18:31 BST
The 'safe' list of countries you can visit changes every week
The 'safe' list of countries you can visit changes every week (AFP/Getty)

The UK’s quarantine laws are a total fiasco. There’s no logic, no consideration for the public, just a series of hasty decisions, poorly communicated.

Like giving people five hours’ notice on 25 July (traditionally the busiest travel weekend of the year) that they couldn’t visit Spain unless they were prepared to quarantine for two weeks on their return. I wouldn’t trust Grant Shapps and co to run a sausage factory, let alone decide where I can take my much anticipated summer holiday.

Do you know anyone who has been prosecuted for failing to self-isolate on their return from a country on the “danger” list? There’s supposed to be £1,000 fines, but they will be as ineffectual as the fines for parents taking their kids out of school in term time.

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