For once, I agree with Dominic Cummings – those in the PM’s inner circle will be paid off with jobs

The fact is that people in the government are allowed to fail upwards, writes Salma Shah

Wednesday 12 January 2022 19:48
<p>Cummings has raised an important point about accountability in the system</p>

Cummings has raised an important point about accountability in the system

Naturally, a weakened PM will have many detractors lining up with their own carefully curated analysis to stick the boot in. True to form Dominic Cummings, one-time adviser and self-appointed genius, offered his Twitter hot take and produced a blog post on the latest revelations of No 10’s lockdown busting parties. Cummings, let’s not forget, is the original lockdown villain. A smug and ridiculous figure, whose own lockdown jaunt to Barnard Castle began the entire narrative of one rule for us and another for them.

And yet, he has raised an important point about accountability in the system; a frustration shared by many and one that is hard to disagree with. His (admittedly hard to read) tweet goes like this: “Martin > Ambassador (shd have happened 7/20 & almost did) Jack & Dan > promise of peerage ‘when noise dies down matey I promise’ Case ‘can’’t axe without getting my own throat cut, mmm, if i win GE, Day1 for him’ #forwardtovictory Carrie: finally Wiki/Cole for DoC! (trolley) smash.”

Translation: various senior characters will be bought off or “looked after” if they become the fall guys for the PM. In this instance, the principal private secretary taking a converted position as an ambassador; promises of peerages for those who may have to leave – and delayed sackings for the likes of the increasingly unimpressive cabinet secretary.

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