At the age of 74 I’ve acquired a new skill – dapping for trout

While most have been concentrating on Euro 2020, I’ve found the perfect way to get my mind off Covid-19, writes Janet Street-Porter

Friday 02 July 2021 23:21
<p>Some of the fish Janet caught</p>

Some of the fish Janet caught

While most of you have been following Euro 2020, I’ve found the perfect way to forget Covid, Matt Hancock and all the rubbish that’s been clogging up my head. A quiet, peaceful hobby that requires total concentration, a steady hand and 100 per cent focus.

I’ve been perfecting my dapping skills on the beautiful Scottish island of Harris. Dapping is a traditional way of fishing with a sixteen-foot pole or collapsible rod. It involves enticing fish by touching the fly on the surface of the water or bouncing it along on top mimicking a real fly – not easy in windy weather.

Last year, I learned how to catch loch trout this way from a small boat on a remote loch in Sutherland. The sheer joy of seeing fish leaping from the water repeatedly to take the fly beats any football match, well for me at any rate.

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