You won’t find her on the New Hampshire primary ballot – but there’s only one Democrat who can oust Trump

Few of the candidates have a realistic shot at removing the emperor manque with the tangerine spray tan. Unfortunately, the one woman who does has no desire ever to set foot in the White House again, writes Matthew Norman

Monday 10 February 2020 02:10 GMT
Former first lady Michelle Obama
Former first lady Michelle Obama (Getty Images)

For snapshot commentary on how the Democratic effort to excise a livid, pustulant orange melanoma from the arse cheek of the democracy it threatens to kill, consider this.

When voters go to the polls for Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary, they won’t find the second favourite for the presidential nomination on the ballot.

Stealthily, by default and through inaction, the former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg has been climbing the betting lists. With his decision to avoid the Iowa caucuses vindicated by the mega fiasco that has tainted the others, he trails only Bernie Sanders in the betting and the gap is shortening by the day.

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