I have never known how to listen to music, but I envy those like the Marsh family who find solace in it

I saw some big bands as a teenager but mostly I was cruising around trying to find someone to snog, writes Jenny Eclair

Monday 08 February 2021 21:30
<p>The Marsh family went viral with a lockdown ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’</p>

The Marsh family went viral with a lockdown ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’

Families divide into two camps, the musical and the non-musical. Musical families have pianos with open lids in their homes, their kids go to school (back in the day) carrying strangely shaped instrument cases and, during global pandemics, they sing in close harmony en famille and upload the results to the Internet.

Hail the Marsh family from Kent who last week clocked up their third lockdown viral hit with a cleverly re-worded and timely Bonnie Tyler number.

Sadly, however, some of us come from non-musical families. Neither of my parents played an instrument, we talked, we fought, and we laughed a lot, but I can’t remember ever listening to music together, never mind singing. Now and again my father would throw his head back and warble Perry Como’s “Tulips and Heather” but none of us kids had a musical party piece, we weren’t that kind of a family.

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