‘The free world betrayed us’: Pulitzer-winning photographer urges the west to resettle Afghan refugees

He fled the Taliban after capturing the fall of Kabul. Now Massoud Hossaini is in limbo in the Netherlands and tells Holly Bancroft he could be sent back to Afghanistan unless the west keeps its promises

Sunday 28 November 2021 12:08
<p>Massoud Hossaini is one of many Afghans who find themselves in limbo </p>

Massoud Hossaini is one of many Afghans who find themselves in limbo

Afghan photographer Massoud Hossaini caught the last commercial flight out of Kabul in August after spending months on the front lines capturing the Taliban’s advance and the end of the 20-year conflict that had ravaged his country.

Now the Pulitzer Prize winner is living in the Netherlands, where he has only three months left on his visa and is facing the prospect of being sent back to Afghanistan.

In an interview with The Independent, Hossaini criticised the west for abandoning Afghan refugees and spoke about his own desperate attempt to secure a move to the UK.

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