North Korea hit with new sanctions over missile programme

North Korea calls South Korean president Yoon Suk Yeol and his government ‘idiots’ and ‘wild dog gnawing on a bone given by the US’

Arpan Rai
Friday 02 December 2022 17:39 GMT
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North Korea launches rocket

Top North Korean officials, including three from Kim Jong-un’s regime, have been slapped with fresh sanctions from the US, South Korea, and Japan on Friday on charges of participating in illegal activities to finance Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons and missiles programme.

At least eight individuals and seven companies from North Korea have been sanctioned by South Korea on Friday morning for their alleged role in contributing to the North’s weapons programme, Seoul’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

The seven companies “support illegal financial activities in North Korea” and handle “ship-to-ship transshipment of sanctioned goods”, the ministry statement said, adding that these firms have engaged in evading sanctions.

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