Putin’s commanders ‘forcing troops into caged pits for being drunk or refusing to fight’

Vladimir Putin’s commanders using ancient ‘Zindans’ technique to punish unruly troops

William Mata
Monday 01 May 2023 19:22 BST
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Putin visits Russian troops in Ukraine's Kherson and Luhansk regions

Russian commanders are likely punishing soldiers by forcing them into caged holes in the ground, the Ministry of Defence has said.

In its daily intelligence update on Sunday, the MoD said that troops are likely facing the makeshift dungeons as a form of punishment for actions such as being drunk or refusing to fight in the Ukraine war.

The holes, called “Zindans”, consist of holes in the ground “covered with a metal grille”, it said. The MoD said in the statement that it had heard multiple reports of the Zindans being in use.

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