Ukraine war headed for ‘uncontrolled escalation’ as dirty bomb fears grow

Ukraine president says Russia is the source of ‘everything dirty’ in conflict

Andy Gregory,Emily Atkinson
Monday 24 October 2022 17:17 BST
Destroyed buildings burn after Russian missile strikes hit Kyiv

Western officials, including UK foreign secretary James Cleverly, have strongly refuted claims from Moscow that Ukraine plans to use a “dirty bomb”, and instead have accused Russia of plotting to use a threat of a missile laced with nuclear material as a pretext for escalation of the war.

With Ukrainian forces advancing into Russian-occupied Kherson province, Moscow’s defence minister Sergei Shoigu phoned Western counterparts to tell them his country suspected Kyiv of planning to use a “dirty bomb“.

That claim was also backed up on Monday by Moscow, with officials claiming Kyiv was in the “final stage” of creating such a weapon.

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