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Eat possum: Meet the chef and author redefining sustainability Down Under

Analiese Gregory talks to Ella Walker about diving, cooking and beekeeping in the wilds of Tasmania

Friday 26 February 2021 21:30
<p>Life in the raw:  Gregory at home</p>

Life in the raw: Gregory at home

It’s 7pm in Tasmania and I’m with chef Analiese Gregory. There’s a huge bowl of cherries beside her, a glass of wine in her hand and a day behind her spent cooking, foraging and being in awe of her new hive of bees.

She says: “They like it when it’s sunny and they’re not so into thunderstorms or rainy weather. I’ve discovered this – just so you’re aware – it makes them grumpy.”

Having worked in top restaurants in London, France, Spain, Australia, Morocco and more, Gregory landed in Tasmania four years ago and her new book, How Wild Things Are, captures how she lives and eats.

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