10 ideas for improving health, beauty and wellbeing

Get the lowdown on the latest ways to stay healthy and look your best

Monday 21 June 2021 08:15

We have compiled a rundown of the finest health, fitness and beauty products to give you a wellness boost this summer, from high-tech haircare to equipment for your home gym.

A company committed to providing you with the very best CBD

CBD is becoming more and more popular in the UK, but there are still so many people who don’t know of its attributes, that’s why its Platinum CBD’s mission is to educate everyone on different products and forms of supplementation. The range of products include oils, vape liquid and gummies in various strengths, with something to suit every requirement. At Platinum CBD every batch of CBD is third-party lab tested to ensure constant perfection of products time and time again. Researchers are currently studying the effects of CBD on a wide range of conditions including chronic pain, insomnia, PTSD, anxiety, depression, epilepsy, dementia, arthritis and many more.  Now get 20% off your order with discount code SUMMER20 (offer ends 1 September 2021).

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Naturally boost your hair growth

Hair loss can have a massive impact on self-esteem. Vie Aesthetics is a leader in non-surgical regenerative hair growth treatments that can help boost your confidence. The award-winning Dr Ioannis Liakas serves as medical director and lead medical practitioner, and has been featured in numerous publications covering the results of their simple but advanced stem cell treatment. With VieStem Hair, Vie Aesthetics has given confidence to over 500 male and female patients in the UK with their cutting-edge solution to androgenic alopecia. VieStem Hair is a complete programme that includes Regenera Activa combined with LED therapy, carboxytherapy, and Seffihair to create bespoke treatment plans for individual needs. The treatment is safe and consists of a one-off-session lasting between one and one-and-a-half hours at their Harley Street or Essex clinic. To book your no-obligation consultation, call 07899 673578 or visit vie-aesthetics.com. Quote VIEHAIR21 to receive one free carboxytherapy session and one free LED light therapy session (offer Valid until 1 September 2021).

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Try delicious vitamin gummies

The team at Novomins believe that health and happiness are the cornerstone to a good life, and so the brand has made it their mission to create a vitamin range that is delicious, nutritious and backed by science. The scientists and medical professionals behind the brand are obsessed with taste as much as effectiveness, aiming to change the way people view vitamins and nutrition by creating products that delight the taste buds while satisfying daily vitamin requirements. The range includes Matcha Gummies, Glucosamine Gummies and the UK’s first 4000 IU Vitamin D Gummies, among many others.

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Give your skin a summer health kick

Introducing a high-quality supplement to your daily health and wellness regime is an excellent way to improve your skin’s appearance. Hey Nutrition’s Collagen Complex contains six key ingredients that aim to contribute to optimal skin, hair and nail health, including collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E, biotin and sea kelp extract. The Collagen Complex contains hydrolyzed marine collagen peptides, which helps to ensure optimal absorption of the formula. The Collagen Complex is non-GMO and free of pesticides and heavy metals. All products are proudly made in the UK. Get 15% off your order using the discount code SUMMER15 (offer valid until 31 July 2021).

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Tailor your diet for IBS relief

Low FODMAP diets refer to eating plans that are low in fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides and polyols — short chain carbohydrates that aren’t easily absorbed in the lower intestine. Ideal for sufferers of IBS or other digestive health issues, this way of eating has been championed by nutritionists for many years. FODMAP Foods offers the opportunity to discover a range of products suitable for a low FODMAP diet. Founded by Bhavik Chavda, FODMAP Foods takes the hassle out of finding great nutritional foods that don’t irritate the gut and don’t skimp on flavour. Many products are also gluten-, wheat- and dairy-free. Use discount code FODMAP10 for 10% off (offer Valid until 1 September 2021).

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Find out how CO2 laser therapy can rejuvenate your skin

High-tech skincare procedures can make a world of difference. Pulse Light Clinic London offers a CO2 laser treatment that temporarily rejuvenates skin appearance, by enhancing skin tone and texture through skin resurfacing. The procedure also aims to reduce the appearance of sun damage and ageing, also working to smooth out the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and surgical and acne scars. The treatment is also suitable for fair skin tones, which might usually be more sensitive. Pulse Light Clinic London delivers a wide range of skin and body treatments using the latest innovative laser technology. Clients could see immediate results from this doctor-led treatment, with full results visible after six to twelve weeks. You can now enjoy up to 20% off with discount code MEDIAUPTO20 (valid until 30 June 2021).

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Set up a home gym with affordable fitness equipment

Looking to set up a home gym but put off by high costs? JLL Fitness provides high-end home gym equipment at affordable prices — you even have the option to ‘buy now, pay later’ through Klarna. Whether you’re looking to convert an area in your home or expand your current setup, JLL Fitness has you covered with a diverse range of fitness equipment. The team can help you select the best products to suit your abilities from their extensive range of fitness equipment, which includes space-saving treadmills, leg-pumping spin bikes, smooth sliding rowing machines, dumbbells, weight bars, plates and other strength-training equipment. From beginners to advanced users, everyone is catered for.

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Discover restorative hair care

Our hair is subject to damage from multiple factors in our day-to-day lives. Hairaze is a natural hair and scalp treatment that can promote hair growth and volume. This revolutionary product is formulated with a unique essential oil complex, which helps to repair hair damaged by heat and dryness, and protect against environmental degradation. Suitable for both men and women, Hairaze leaves hair soft without feeling oily, and the innovative all-natural formula is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Order now and get 10% off with code JUN10 (valid until 30 August 2021).

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Meet your protein needs with peas

Clean Lean Protein is a premium natural pea protein, made from the highest-quality European golden peas. The 100% plant-based protein is low in carbs, contains no added sugar and is free from all common allergens. Complete with all nine essential amino acids, Clean Lean Protein is a natural source of iron and has a 98% digestibility rating, making it kind to your digestive system. The product is also kind to the environment, since peas are a sustainable crop that use relatively small amounts of water in production and put nitrogen back into the soil. All water used in the production of Clean Lean Protein is recycled, and any waste goes to animal feed and biofuel. Every batch is quality-tested for common allergens, pesticides and heavy metals to ensure the highest-quality and safest products. Use the code CLEAN15 for 15% discount (offer valid until 21 July 2021).

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Enjoy personalised nutritionally-complete meals in a single sachet

Abnormal provides nutritionally complete meal sachets that are personalised to your specific needs. By creating a formula designed for you and the unique requirements of your mind and body, Abnormal provides an optimal balance of vitamins, minerals, protein, fibre, fats and complex carbohydrates, along with a number of other active ingredients. Think of it as real food in powder form —simply add water, then shake to make. It’s both convenient, taking barely 30 seconds to prepare, and nutritious, as it’s low in sugar, high in protein and high in fibre. Each meal delivery comes with a fully personalised booklet, outlining exactly what makes each meal individual to you.  Enjoy a free seven-day trial and shaker worth £23.99 (offer valid until 1 September 2021. Delivery £4.99.)

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