6 money-saving kitchen appliances to keep your bills in check

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Friday 21 October 2022 09:23 BST

From turning down the heating to switching electricals off stand-by, we’re doing everything right now to lower our rising energy bills. But did you know that you need to turn your attention to the kitchen to make a saving too?

The beating heart of any home, a lot goes on in the kitchen. Whether we’re cleaning, cooking, heating things or keeping things cool, it’s no surprise that large kitchen appliances account for roughly 30% of annual energy consumption.

How can we reduce the energy we use in the kitchen?

While there are smaller changes you can make in the kitchen for more responsible energy use, from not boiling more water than you need to always covering your saucepans, the most effective way to save energy in the kitchen is turning to next-generation energy-saving appliances.

Technology is getting smarter and the latest innovations are not only better for the environment but your wallet too – making older appliances much more costly in electricity and water to run. You’ll find greener machines for all your kitchen needs from dishwashers that use less water to fridges that can keep your food fresher for longer.

These smarter working household essentials are all available at Currys with their go greener range. And right now is the best time to switch up, as you can even recycle your old appliances for free until 1 November 2022. Not sure where to start, let us help you…

Save water, energy and time with a dishwasher


Bosch Series 2 SMS2HVW66G Full-size Wifi-enabled Dishwasher – White: £479, www.currys.co.uk

Next-generation dishwashers have become more energy and water-efficient, so much so larger households will save on their water bills by putting down the marigolds. It uses just 9.5 litres of water per cycle and has an eco-setting that heats water slower and, therefore, uses less energy. What’s more, the ExtraDry function means even difficult-to-dry plastic items come out ready to be put away - saving your energy too.

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Greener cleaning with an oven that does it for you


AEG SteamBake BPS556020M Electric Pyrolytic Steam Oven - Stainless Steel: £909, www.currys.co.uk

Pyrolytic ovens, like this sleek black design with its extra-large 77-litre capacity, are self-cleaning ovens that will not only save a lot of effort but money too. You’ll be able to throw out expensive harsh chemicals and save on hot water, as its auto-cleaning function uses 500°C low-energy to eliminate even the most stubborn grease, so all you need to do is wipe away the debris.

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Reduce food waste with this fridge freezer upgrade


Samsung 8 Series RS68A884CB1/EU American-Style Smart Fridge Freezer – Black Stainless steel: Was £2,279 - now £1,699, www.currys.co.uk

This American-style fridge freezer is a must-have for any modern kitchen. Not only smart in design with its side-by-side doors that open in the middle outwards, but smart to run with its C-grade in energy efficiency. It uses a whopping 43% less energy compared to F-graded models, meaning they don’t come any cheaper to run. Plus, it uses next-level twin cooling plus technology, with two different air flows to keep food fresh for longer so you can reduce waste too.

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Press start on a washing machine that does laundry for less


Hoover H-Wash 500 HWB 411AMBCR Wifi-enabled 11kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine – Graphite: £529, www.currys.co.uk

You can’t beat this A-energy rated washing machine when it comes to lowering your energy bills. Switch to eco-settings or turn down the temperature and spin settings to save on running further. Perfect for family use with its large 11kg capacity, but for smaller bundles its clever Kg mode will weigh the clothes and adjust the cycle to match – ensuring you never waste electricity and water.

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You can’t rely on the weather but you can on a tumble dryer


Grundig ExpressDry GT76824EW 8 kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer – White: Was £659 - now £619, www.currys.co.uk

While it doesn’t get cheaper than line drying, big households can’t always depend on the great British weather to get their washing done. Enter, the eco-friendliest tumble dryers on the market: the heat pump tumble dryer. They recycle the hot air that’s normally lost in the drying process to keep drying your clothes. You’ll find this model dries up to 5 kg of clothes in just one hour, using an energy-saving low temperature that also prevents over-drying and clothes shrinking.

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Cooking on gas with this all-in-one


Hotpoint HDM67G0CCB 60cm Gas Cooker – Black: £529, www.currys.co.uk

Whether you’re having a light stir-fry using one of the four gas hobs or making a full-on roast dinner making use of the 2 gas ovens (with integrated grills) for your meat and veg, you’ll use less energy with this A+ energy-rated all-in-one cooker. What’s more, the easy-clean catalytic panels in the oven absorb grease and spills so you can simply wipe away with no hard scrubbing required.

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