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The age adults are at their happiest, revealed

"I seem to enjoy the little things in life a lot more"

Sarah Young
Tuesday 04 April 2017 17:29 BST
The “nifty-50s” are happier than ever before
The “nifty-50s” are happier than ever before (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

A new study may have found the age at which we are most content with life.

Many would probably assume that it has got to be during your carefree childhood or perhaps your beer-swilling 20’s, right?

Well they're wrong. Because according to a survey by financial services company, the over-50’s are happier, wealthier and more carefree than they ever have been.

An age group which accounts for a third of Britain’s population, the “nifty-50s” are fuelling a boom in the leisure market as they take up new hobbies, travel and boast about their gratifying sex life.

The study which looked at the circumstances and attitudes of 50,000 people aged 50 and over found that on average, fifty-somethings feel as though they are physically four years younger and ten years mentally younger than their actual age.

Those that have passed the milestone birthday also said that the idea of being old would not apply to them until they reach the ripe age of 77 and that they expected, on average, to live to 84.

Of the thousands of people surveyed, an impressive 61 per cent said that they were enjoying life more accrediting this happiness in part to having more time for personal activities.

Interestingly, since turning 50 more than half had been travelling, one in five planned to study a language and one in ten intended to learn how to play an instrument.

Speaking about why they enjoyed life more, one 51-year-old woman said, “I seem to enjoy the little things in life a lot more — appreciate art, nature and simply being at home, on the sofa with a herbal tea, vegging out and not feeling guilty about it.”

While another added, “Have had the best sex of my life with younger men.”

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