Amazon accused of 'ruining Christmas' after customers receive deliveries without packaging

People are 'absolutely fuming'

Rachel Hosie
Monday 20 November 2017 13:55 GMT

Amazon is facing disgruntled customers due to its lack of packaging on deliveries.

Many have taken to social media to complain that Christmas present surprises have been ruined after packages arrived without any paper wrapping or cardboard box to conceal the contents.

Whereas items used to be delivered in brown boxes, they’ve been arriving with a delivery label stuck straight on to the item.

One customer said she was “absolutely fuming” after the person who was meant to receive a present saw what it was upon delivery. She accused Amazon of “ruining Christmas” too.

And she’s not the only to be annoyed by the company’s new approach.

The change comes after Amazon were consistently criticised for delivering small items in unnecessarily large boxes.

A spokesperson for the company has confirmed that Amazon is trying to cut down the amount of packaging it uses.

They also clarified that customers do have a way of ensuring their deliveries don’t arrive exposed.

The representative responded to a customer who complained on Facebook saying: “I’m so very sorry that your surprise was ruined. We try to minimise the amount of packaging materials we use as much as possible.

“For future orders, you can keep the contents of your package a surprise by selecting the gift option during checkout, or you may mark ‘Ship in Amazon box’ on the checkout page if you don’t wish to reveal the contents.”

This isn’t the first time Amazon has come under fire this festive season - they’ve also been accused of ruining the magic of Christmas for children after their advert showed a parent hiding Amazon boxes of presents from his kids.

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