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Amazon ‘plans to open at least 30 physical shops in the UK’

The first of the physical stores is set to open by the end of the year, it has been reported

Sabrina Barr
Monday 03 August 2020 12:18 BST

Amazon plans on launching at least 30 physical stores across the UK where customers won’t need to pay for their purchases at checkout tills, it has been reported.

In December 2016, it was announced that Amazon Go would soon be opening its first shops in Seattle, USA, allowing consumers to simply walk out the door with the products they wished to buy.

Five months later, it was reported that Amazon Go stores could make their way to the UK in the near future, with the firm filing several Amazon Go-related trademark applications with the UK Intellectual Property Office, including “No Lines, No Checkout. (No, Seriously)”.

According to The Sunday Times, Amazon has signed off on deals to open more than 10 Amazon Go shops in the UK, the first of which may open in the English capital by the end of the year.

Furthermore, the firm is reportedly holding discussions to open an additional 20 shops after the first 10, many of which are said to be located near public transport.

When asked about the plans, Amazon told The Independent that "an Amazon spokesperson declined to comment".

In order to shop at an Amazon Go or Amazon Go Grocery store, customers need to be registered as Amazon account users.

They also need to have downloaded the free Amazon Go app on a “recent-generation” iPhone or Android smartphone, Amazon states on its website.

“When you arrive, use the app to enter the store, then feel free to put your phone away – you don’t need it to shop,” the company explains.

“Then just browse and shop like you would at any other store. Once you’re done shopping, you’re on your way. No lines, no checkout.”

When shopping in an Amazon Go store, Amazon’s “Walk Out Technology” is able to detect when customers take items from shelves and put them back, all-the-while keeping track of consumers’ virtual carts.

Once a customer has left the store with the items of their choosing, they will be charged on their Amazon account and will receive a receipt for their purchases.

It was recently reported that Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon and the world’s richest man, added $13bn (£10bn) to his personal wealth in 24 hours.

According to an analysis conducted by Bloomberg, the 56-year-old has since his fortune increase by around $74bn (£58bn) in 2020 alone.

While speaking before the US Congress a few days ago, Bezos admitted that he cannot guarantee Amazon has not used the data of third-party sellers to benefit his own company.

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