Bachelor fans love sweet moment between Daisy and Kelsey during finale

‘The Daisy/Kelsey friendship is so beautiful,’ one fan writes on social media

Amber Raiken
New York
Tuesday 26 March 2024 16:14 GMT
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The Bachelor fans are loving a sweet moment between the season’s last two women, Kelsey Anderson and Daisy Kent, during the finale.

Warning: Spoilers forThe Bachelor season 28 below.

On 25 March, fans saw the season 28 lead – Joey Graziadei – officially get engaged, after dating a series of different women in order to find his wife. However, before his final two women – Anderson and Kent – discovered who Graziadei had picked, they shared a sweet one-on-one moment.

The emotional episode showed Kent going to Anderson’s room, where the pair discussed how their last week had been, after they each met Graziadei’s family. After the conversation, during which Kent candidly acknowledged that things “felt off” with her and the leading man, the two women decided to break the usual protocol of taking separate cars to the last rose ceremony.

The episode showed one solo shot of Kent and another of Anderson in the car, to make it seem like they were each travelling separately to the rose ceremony, like previous contestants have. However, it was then revealed that the two women were sitting in the same car and holding each other’s hands.

Once they arrived at the ceremony, Kent was the first to exit the vehicle and make her way to Graziadei, before they ended their relationship. Following the breakup, Kent walked back to the car and sweetly received a hug from Anderson, who Graziadei later proposed to. Kent then shared some touching words to Anderson, whose mother died of cancer.

“I know your mom’s going to be looking down at this moment and be so happy,” she said, as Anderson cried.

On X, formerly known as Twitter, fans have gone on to applaud the way the two women supported each other, both before and after Kent’s breakup.

“Daisy and Kelsey taking one look at each other and just starting to cry oh they care about each other so much,” one viewer wrote.

“Women. Are. Everything. Yes, Daisy, Kelsey’s mama is looking down SO proud,” another wrote.

A third added: “Daisy telling Kelsey her mom is looking down on her after she just had her heartbroken… girlhood and in its purest form.”

Other fans went on to emphasise how meaningful it was to see Kent and Anderson’s friendship during the season, while also praising the other members of the cast.

“The Daisy/Kelsey friendship is so beautiful. To see two people love and support each other like they do is inspiring,” one wrote.

“This was the least toxic Bachelor, the most caring and loving human, and such a supportive final two,” another added. “These women and Daisy & Kelsey specifically showed so much grace and love with each other (honestly all these contestants did). We need more of this @BachelorABC.”

During the season finale, Kent opted to walk away from Graziadei, since she knew his feelings were stronger for Anderson. While speaking to The Bachelor host Jesse Palmer during the “After The Final Rose” event – where the cast of the season reunited – Kent said that during the week before the last rose ceremony, she already knew that her relationship was ending.

“I first realised when we are at the last rose ceremony when Rachel left,” she said, referring to the last contestant who was eliminated before the finale. “I just saw you two look at each other and I was like: ‘Whoa.’ For the first time I was like: ‘I don’t think it’s me.’ I just remember that. And then I was kind of trying to suppress my feelings. Then going into our last date, I’m just feeling anxious going into it. I remember thinking: ‘It shouldn’t feel like this. I shouldn’t feel this anxious.’”

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