Bakery makes hilarious mistake on 30th birthday cake

‘I think the person who wrote the order and decorated the cake are not the same’

Brittany Miller
New York
Thursday 18 April 2024 15:10 BST
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A husband decided to celebrate his wife’s milestone birthday with a misspelled cake.

In a recent Reddit post shared to the popular “Mildly Infuriating” subreddit, John Elllis showed off a photo of his wife Chandas Ellis’ 30th birthday cake. The first photo shows a white cake with various pastel accents like purple and mint green, but instead of saying “thirty” for the occasion, the cake actually reads “hinty.”

The second photo in the post shows the order ticket for the cake, where the bakery did appear to follow the instructions of making sure the cake is “mint green” with “spring flowers” and “glitter,,” but the word thirty is written in slightly illegible cursive, making the t and h blend together into just an h and the cursive r being mistaken for an n.

Despite the mistake, many people turned to the comments on the Reddit post to either joke about the typo, or to share their own cake fail stories.

“This joke can go on for nine years. Next year get her one that says ‘Hinty-One,’” one comment read, with another person replying to the commenter suggested the joke can go on even longer. “Nine years? This is a life-long gag! Horty, Hifty, Hinety!” they responded.

“Okay but I busted out laughing, that’s a funny mistake,” another commenter agreed.

“I think the person who wrote the order and decorated the cake are not the same. And the cake decorator can’t read cursive lol.”

Some people reflected on their own cake typos, with one person revealing that they had asked for a cake that had a big number five somewhere on it to celebrate their nephew’s fifth birthday. However, the bakery ended up literally writing the words, “Big Five Somewhere” on the cake.

“One year when I was like 10 they wrote Zachairy or something like instead of Zachary so every birthday 15+ years later everyone says happy birthday Zach air ey instead making fun of the mistake,” another cake story read.

A third story in the comments read: “When I was a kid my mom ordered a cake and just wanted happy birthday in big letters. We got a cake that said “Happy Birthday Big Litters”. We had a good laugh over it.”

As for who was to blame for the error, the Redditor revealed in the comments that he’d given the order for his wife’s cake verbally. However, he confirmed that the couple didn’t complain when they picked up the cake. “Didn’t complain at all, not worth getting someone potentially in trouble. Cake was delicious.”

This isn’t the first time a person has taken to Reddit to share a funny cake story. Previously, one man shared a photo of a cake his wife gave him that read “nobody cares” to celebrate his recent accomplishment.

According to an interview with Today, the phrase was meant as a term of endearment, despite appearing to be an insult. He explained to the outlet that his “big accomplishment” was building a website. “I’ve been working on this website for three years or so,” he said.

Because Bobby owns a printing company, he explained his lack of experience as a web developer means he always celebrates every coding victory he’s had throughout the process.

“Over the years while I was building it, every time I completed any small thing like a button or something like that, I would show one of my employees,” Bobby said. “Eventually, I think they just got tired of hearing about me, showing them these small, tiny tasks that I had accomplished.”

Eventually, one of Bobby’s employees sarcastically told him “nobody cares” after he shared another accomplishment with the website, before praising him for the work he put in.

“I told my wife that story and we both found it hilarious,” Bobby said. “That kind of just became the mantra of me building this website over the past three years.”

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