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Woman begs boyfriend not to propose after the surprise is ruined

‘Turns out he was proposing regardless’

Brittany Miller
New York
Wednesday 05 June 2024 19:38 BST
Woman begs boyfriend not to propose to her after proposal is spoiled
Woman begs boyfriend not to propose to her after proposal is spoiled (TikTok/@beccers_gordonn)

A common proposal rule that some women give their partners before an engagement is for it to be a surprise.

Rebecca Gordon recently took to TikTok to talk about her own proposal with her boyfriend. Her video shows the two of them standing in a field after the proposal with Gordon crying tears of joy while text across the screen reads, “POV: you told your bf not to propose because someone spoiled the surprise and it made you so sad. Your bf says, ‘fine I’m not proposing’ so you spend the whole night playing Wii baseball and almost miss going outside to get engaged… Turns out he was proposing regardless.”

Throughout the clip, Gordon can be heard telling her boyfriend, “I’m such a brat”, indicating that she knew she shouldn’t have told him not to propose.

The video received more than seven million views with many people turning to the comments section laughing at the spoiled proposal but still grateful that it worked out.

“I will drop all my friends if they EVER do this,” one commenter wrote as Gordon replied that it was her dad that spoiled the proposal for her.

Another commenter agreed, writing, “People who ruin surprises like this suck but the ring is gorg and I’m so happy for you girl!!!!”

Other commenters talked about how their proposals were ruined.

“Our engagement was absolutely DESTROYED because our ‘friends’ thought it would be fun to ruin it for me… totally wish this would’ve been the scenario for me,” one person relayed in the comments section.

Another story read: “I ruined my own proposal bcuz he was acting weird & i got suspicious so went thru his phone & saw the texts inviting friends and family over for a surprise proposal.”

“It’s ok! I yelled at my now husband the day he proposed bc I was pregnant and tired and didn’t want to leave the house but he just kept on insisting,” a third engagement story from the comments mentioned.

“Don’t worry girl I made my fiance SWEAR ON HIS LIFE that he wasn’t proposing that night on our date bc I was having a bad hair day. He proposed that night indeed,” a fourth person wrote.

This isn’t the first time a proposal-related video has gone viral on the platform. Previously a woman had filmed herself practicing answering “yes” to her boyfriend’s proposal not knowing that would be the day that he proposed.

“I think I’m getting engaged. So I’m washing a shirt at my boss’ house because I don’t wanna be wearing this,” her video started as she assumed that today would be the day.

She then explained where her engagement suggestion came from as she told viewers her friends and family were “offering to do things for [her] to make [her] life easier”, so she could be in her “new house at a certain time”. The TikToker also added that although she and her loved ones shared each other’s locations on their iPhones, they had their locations turned off that day.

“Taken about 2 hours before the proposal.. I had no suspicion until this moment,” her caption read. I was still SHOCKED about how the night evolved – better than I could’ve ever imagined. thanks for all the kind comments on the proposal video, it made me feel very loved and supported. Sam’s ego has also grown since I posted it lol so thanks for that too.”

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