Bradley Cooper’s mother shocks fans with Super Bowl commercial

Even Bradley Cooper couldn’t avoid being teased by his mother, Gloria Campano, in T-Mobile’s 2023 Super Bowl ad

Meredith Clark
New York
Monday 13 February 2023 01:03 GMT
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Bradley Cooper has starred alongside his mother, Gloria Campano, in an “organic and entertaining” commercial for Super Bowl 2023.

The mother and son duo were enlisted by T-Mobile to promote the phone company’s 5G service ahead of Super Bowl LVII, which takes place on Sunday 12 February. In the “hilarious” ad, the 48-year-old actor is seen trying to coach his mother through her lines, but the two couldn’t keep a straight face and cracked up in the process.

“To tell you all the incredible things about T-Mobile, we tried to make a commercial with Bradley Cooper…and his mother,” the narrator said at the start of the clip, with a real emphasis on “tried”.

Cooper took on the role as a T-Mobile employee in the ad as he’s seen dressed in a bright pink T-shirt sporting the company logo. His mother, who played a customer, entered the makeshift T-Mobile store but she instantly couldn’t hold back from making a very mother-like comment.

“Hi, how can I help you?” Cooper asked his mom.

“I don’t like the way you look,” she chided, which sent Cooper into a laughing fit.

As the Star is Born actor is seen guiding Campano through her lines, she poked fun at his appearance once more, saying, “You look like a flamingo in this.”

The two went through the scene a number of times, but seemingly couldn’t get the line “America’s largest 5G network” down.

“You’re making me crazy,” Campano tells her son, who later fell off the couch and onto the floor from laughter.

Bradley Cooper and his mom attempt a T-Mobile commercial

After several takes, Cooper finally told his mom, “I think I know what I’m doing. I’ve been nominated nine times,” but Campano couldn’t resist teasing her son when she said: “Yeah, but you never won any.”

However, the pair came together at the end of the commercial as they wrapped their arms around each other and walked out of the studio. “You did so well,” Cooper told Campano.

Since it was posted by T-Mobile on YouTube ahead of Sunday night’s big game, the ad spot has already received praise from both Bradley Cooper fans and football lovers alike.

“This is probably the first commercial in years to actually make me laugh haha,” wrote one user.

“I like it. Super Bowl commercials have been declining in quality lately, so it’s good to see one that is organic and entertaining,” read another comment. “Nice work, T-Mobile.”

“Love the mother son teasing banter! Lmao,” said one person, while someone else wrote: “Omg this is so funny and cute! Momma Cooper is hilarious!”

This ad is just one of many memorable commercials that will air during the 2023 Super Bowl, which kicks off at 6:30pm ET at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

Ahead of the Super Bowl, many companies have already released teasers for their entertaining and amusing commercials. Some brands have even recruited major celebrities to help sell their products, including a PopCorners commercial featuring Bryan Cranston as his Breaking Bad character Walter White and a Doritos love triangle featuring Jack Harlow.

Here are some of the best, and worst, Super Bowl 2023 ads so far.

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