Maid of honour defended for leaving wedding after bride had affair with her ex

The groom asked to speak with her on the day of the wedding

Brittany Miller
New York
Wednesday 24 January 2024 07:12 GMT
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A maid of honour who walked out of the wedding has opened up about what caused her to leave.

In a recent Reddit post shared to the popular “Am I The A**hole?” subreddit, the head bridesmaid explained that she had been dating her ex-boyfriend, John, for four years and the couple had gotten serious enough to start talking about marriage and children – until he “suddenly” broke up with her.

“I tried to figure out what went wrong, but he said it was ‘personal’ and that I should respect his space,” she wrote.

While going through the breakup, she leaned on her best friend, Stacy, her fiancé, Tom, adding that it was a “no-brainer” to accept being Stacy’s maid of honour.

On the day of the wedding, Tom had asked to meet her for breakfast where he told her that Stacy admitted to him she had an “affair” with John, which was ultimately why the two of them had broken up. “He said that Stacy wanted to come clean to ‘start their marriage fresh’, and that he was forgiving her to move forward,” the post clarified.

According to the maid of honour, Tom had been torn between whether or not to actually tell her but assumed she would forgive Stacy using the logic that the affair was “so long ago.” However, the Reddit poster ended up walking out of the wedding completely.

“It ended up causing a huge mess because I was basically running the whole show (Stacy made me do everything, so she didn’t even know what was happening at certain times or who to call),” the post continued.

“Not only that, but everyone realised that the MOH wasn’t there (she had headshots and bios of the party on her wedding page), and news of the affair eventually got out because her cousin knew John.”

Both Stacy and Tom then began to “slander” her online, making the claim that she “ruined their once in a lifetime moment.” “Some of their friends are on their side, saying that I should have handled the situation more privately, and at least stuck out the wedding since it was so last minute,” the maid of honour wrote.

“I personally don’t know what Tom expected.”

After posting, many people took to the comments to defend the head bridesmaid’s decision.

“Was walking out of the wedding the day of a nice thing to do? Not particularly. But what on Earth did they expect would happen by telling you? And on the wedding day. They knew they were playing with fire,” one comment began.

“They chose when to tell you this information. Simply walking out - because whoa nelly I bet there were a ton of conflicting emotions - was pretty adult. You didn’t cause a huge scene. You simply extricated yourself from the situation.”

“So wait. Your BEST friend has an affair with your then fiancé. He breaks up with you over it, cancelling your happily ever after. She asks you to be her MOH but everyone is upset with you because you found out she slept with YOUR fiancé and you can’t suck it up for a few hours to make HER day great to start her happily ever after. NTA,” another commenter wrote in her defence.

“What did she expect?” a third commenter questioned. “For you to stand up there next to her with a smile on your face knowing she’s the reason your relationship ended? Tom has some nerve too. He should’ve known you’d be rightfully upset. Time to hit the block button. These people are not your friends.”

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