Bride sparks debate after revealing that venue won’t serve red wine at her wedding

‘This would really annoy me. I’d continue to fight it’

Amber Raiken
New York
Tuesday 14 June 2022 06:01 BST

bride has sparked a debate after revealing how annoyed she is at her wedding venue, after they told her that they won’t be serving any red wine at her event. 

In a recent post shared to the Mumsnet forum, “Am I Being Unreasonable?,” a woman, who goes by the username RedWineRage, detailed how she’s getting married this summer. According to the original poster (OP), her reception is being held at a very well-known venue with a good reputation.

“Reception venue is at [a] stately home-type place, which is open to the public but also does weddings [and] has done successfully for years,” she wrote. “[The] top listed wedding venue in various magazines etc and very good reviews. So, not some shady outfit.”

However, she said that she recently “got an email” from the venue, “out of the blue,” which stated the red wine would not be allowed at her upcoming nuptials.

“[Email said that] due to several incidents at recent events…We will no longer be serving red wine at all, with immediate effect,” she continued. “But don’t worry, we’ll just swap that out for rosé in your drinks package.”

She acknowledged how this was an issue for her party, as her mother “only drinks red wine” and “several [of her] family members prefer” it. She said that she also chooses red wine as it can pair well with beef, which is the “main” course being offered at her reception.

She went on to note how the wine ban seemed “totally unacceptable,” before explaining how the venue was able to put it in place because of a contact she signed with them.

“They appear to be relying on some woolly clause in the contract around, ‘it’s a historic building, changes may need to be made to your wedding plan that are out of our control due to operational reasons etc,’” she added. “We’re genuinely considering trying, at short notice, to get another venue and trying to claim money back through small claims.”

At the end of the post, she emphasised that her mother “can’t not have an alcoholic drink at the wedding,” which is also why she is keen on serving red wine.

In the title of the post, the woman noted how she has looked at the situation from a legal perspective, as she wrote: “Can our wedding venue do this??? Any lawyers?!”

The viral post has more than 500 comments, with some readers criticising the bride and claiming the red wine is not a necessity for a wedding reception.

“It’s really not that big a deal. Anyone can cope for a day without red wine, or without an alcoholic drink,” one wrote.

“Erm, you’re overreacting,” another wrote. “Yes it’s a bit disappointing if red wine is a favourite drink for some people but other drinks are available!”

A third user said: “Sounds as though a previous guest has caused some major damage.”

However, other readers came to the woman’s defence, noting how they would be unhappy in her situation too.

“This would really annoy me. I’d continue to fight it. I wouldn’t change venues if I didn’t have to, but I would be adamant that this change isn’t acceptable,” one wrote. “I’ve never ever heard of a place doing this, seems very odd.”

“My recon would be the same as yours OP,” another wrote. “You’ve signed up under a certain understanding and they’ve moved the goalposts.”

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