All the John Lewis Christmas ads so far

Charlie Atkin@charlieatkin18
Thursday 05 November 2015 18:04
John Lewis Christmas Ads 2008-2014

Just like egg nog, new socks and baubles, the John Lewis advert has become synonymous with the season of Christmas.

One of the few adverts that it's socially acceptable to cry over, we take a look back over the advert's development from tepid appreciation to full blown fanfare of its annual arrival.

In 2008 it was sweet enough, applying the principle that there's a gift for everyone and if you know them, you'll get it just right. That long-haired dog obviously gets wet quite often.

In 2009, we had children remind us of what Christmas is all about - present giving and all its perks (including waving your new umbrella around in the wind seemingly).

2010 saw a real step into tearjerking territory, using Ellie Goulding's cover of 'Your Song' to really get viewers bawling over how nice we can be to each other and our pets.

If you thought that was emotional the surprise ending to 2011's advert was something else. A boy, seemingly incredibly impatient about receiving presents in fact just wants to give one to his parents.

Then the next three years really took on any audience's soft spot for animals or other animated characters, from the snowman in 2012 to the bear and the hare in 2013 and of course last year's Monty the penguin, everyone just wanted to engineer an amazing Christmas for their loved ones.

If only real life was as manufacturedly perfect.

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