Millennials are the pickiest eaters, survey finds

Millennials have now ruined food - allegedly

Chelsea Ritschel
in New York
Monday 04 December 2017 22:39

From napkins to soap bars to diamonds, millennials, those aged 18-34, have been accused of ruining just about everything.

Further proving that you need a thick skin to be a millennial, the generation has now been accused of ruining food.

Jumped on by right-wing news outlet Fox News, a new survey suggests millennials are the pickiest generation yet when it comes to food is just the newest addition to a growing list of things millennials have supposedly ruined.

A study into the expectations of 2,000 people found that when dining at a restaurant, millennials are almost twice as likely to feel like a meal isn’t up to standard, compared to those over the age of 55.

But we beg to argue with being labelled as picky.

Our parent's generations often cooked meals at home, and going out for a meal was a rare occasion. They generally ate traditional foods, often from a recipe book, and for the most part, led a pretty tame life when it came to food. Millennials, however, are a generation heavily reliant on restaurants, food trucks, and Seamless deliveries, it makes sense that we are more selective and demanding - we have thousands of more options to choose from compared to any previous generation. But that's not the same as picky.

Had our parents had more options other than eating at home, we imagine they would have done their research before choosing a meal.

As the food pyramid changed from one that included poultry, eggs, wheat, and dairy to one that largely consists of acai bowls, sushi doughnuts, coconut water, and kale, it is no wonder that millennials have a tougher time choosing what to eat on any given night but - picky? No. Experimental? Absolutely.

For a study to claim millennials are the pickiest generation, it seems to overlook the blatant fact that millennials are producing some of the most experimental, trendy food, creating options that did not exist previously.

If we focus on reviews, it is because hundreds of other restaurants are making the same dish - so why not choose the best?

And if we do rely on the opinions of others more than any other group it is because as a generation, we are so interconnected that getting a thumbs-up on a restaurant from a friend can be done in about five seconds.

Millennials aren’t picky when it comes to food - they just have more options to choose from.

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