Dakota Johnson says lying to the press is ‘fun’

‘The most fun. The most fun. Sometimes when you’re in a ridiculous situation, you just have to be ridiculous,’ actress says

Kaleigh Werner
New York
Wednesday 06 March 2024 20:18 GMT
Rules are silly and stupid, says Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson has confessed to exaggerating the truth during press interviews.

In her March 2024 Bustle feature, the Madame Web lead opened up about feeding white lies to the media in tandem with her hatred of being photographed amid private moments.

Hot off her press tour for the new Marvel movie, Johnson, 34, has made headlines for her daringly cosmic red-carpet fashion, her role in the film, and the fitness prep she did beforehand – some good commentary, some bad. Most recently, the artist stirred controversy when she spoke about her Gen Z co-stars as a millennial, noting how she adores them, but they also “annoy” her.

That said, Johnson is no stranger to media spin, which is why she takes pleasure in taking charge of the narrative herself at times. When asked whether she enjoyed “lying” to the press, the Fifty Shades of Grey star said it is “the most fun”.

“The most fun. The most fun. Sometimes when you’re in a ridiculous situation, you just have to be ridiculous,” she proclaimed.

Johnson used the discourse over her supposed “14-hour sleep schedule” that came out of an interview with The Wall Street Journal as an example of how people interpret certain headlines about her. The on-screen favourite told the outlet that she had no problem sleeping for 14 hours straight, but she didn’t do that every night. Still, readers understood her remarks to mean a 14-hour sleep was routine for her.

She told Bustle that because it was a written statement, people couldn’t pick up on her exaggeration.

“Truly, but I know I’ve exaggerated in this interview, and you can tell that I’m exaggerating because you see my face. If it’s written down, it’s hard,” Johnson admitted.

“I got into a funny little fight with somebody,” she continued. “I was really annoyed by everyone in the world talking about my sleep schedule, and someone that I know was like: “But do you really sleep 14 hours a night? That’s amazing.” And I was like: “Did you read the article or did you just read the f*cking headline? Asshole.” I bit her head off.”

Another prime instance when the Persuasion actress made an innocent fib was during her 2020 Architectural Digest video home tour. When it came time to explore her very green kitchen, Johnson stood next to a bowl full of limes, over-emphasising how much she loved the citrus fruit.

“I love limes,” she exclaimed in the video. “I love them, they’re great. I love them so much, and I like to present them like this in my house.”

Fans were quick to point out how strangely enthusiastic Johnson was about limes. Then, in 2021, she appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s eponymous talk show and confessed to being allergic to the fruit, reflecting back on the home tour moment.

She said: “I was giving the tour and went into the kitchen and it was set dressing. I’m actually allergic to limes.”

Despite her aptitude for spilling inaccurate information, Johnson’s found other parts of fame more difficult to control.

Speaking to Bustle, Johnson remarked: “There’s a set time and place to be photographed for what I do. That’s part of my job. But to be photographed when I don’t know I’m being photographed and it’s a private moment? That feels like the most invasive, violating, horrible thing.”

“People say that’s the price you pay when you’re famous, but I don’t believe that’s necessarily true,” Johnson continued.

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