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Woman reveals man tried to tell her what she should wear to their date: ‘No one’s going to tell me what to do’

‘If you could put every red flag in a man EVER, this is it’

Chelsea Ritschel
New York
Thursday 21 April 2022 17:27 BST
Woman reveals man tried to dictate what she wore to date
Woman reveals man tried to dictate what she wore to date (TikTok / @margauxrita_)

A woman has recounted her interaction with a man who tried to dictate what she should wear on their date.

Marguax, who goes by the username @margauxrita_ on TikTok, described the experience in a video uploaded to the platform this week, in which she shared the text she received from her date telling her that she should wear jeans and a black sweater to their dinner.

“So this guy invites me to dinner and he texts me that night, he goes: ‘Just wear like jeans and a black sweater or something like that,’” Margaux began the video, as she showed a screenshot of the man’s message.

The TikToker then told her followers that she’d “assumed” the man’s message was just a “suggestion,” although she admitted that it was “oddly specific”.

However, she also noted that “no one’s going to tell me what to do,” and that she did not wear what her date suggested. “So I don’t wear that and I get to the restaurant and he doesn’t even say hi. He just goes: ‘Well, that doesn’t look like a black sweater.’”

Marguax acknowledged that she “really should have left at this point,” but said that she stayed for the date, and that it “got so much worse”.

“I asked him why it was such a specific request. He goes: ‘I just think women look best in a black sweater and jeans.’ Yeah well, good thing I didn’t ask right?” the TikToker said.

In the video, Marguax also revealed that, the same night, she had been contemplating dying her blonde hair back to her natural dark colour. When she told her date she was considering it, however, she said that he told her he would never speak to her or see her again.

According to Marguax, in addition to the comments about her appearance, her date also criticised her for not liking raw fish and called her “uncultured” during their dinner. In the caption of the video, she noted: “I’m never seeing this guy again by the way.”

As of Thursday, the video has been viewed more than 343,000 times, with viewers expressing their horror over the man’s “audacity”.

“Where does he find the audacity?” one person asked, while another said: “I’m appalled.”

Others joked about the man’s preference for a black sweater and jeans, with some suggesting that he likes the Dwayne The Rock Johnson aesthetic, while others noted that the outfit was also favoured by Steve Jobs.

“He wanted the Steve Jobs aesthetic,” one viewer wrote, while someone else suggested that the man “has a crush on The Rock”.

“Not him wanting every woman to dress up like that one pic of Dwayne The Rock Johnson,” another person said.

The video also prompted some viewers to focus on the man’s comments about Margaux’s hair colour, with many TikTok users claiming that they would have dyed their hair immediately.

“I would have dyed my hair black that night,” one person said, while another wrote: “I would’ve dyed my hair dark so fast.”

Others noted that it was helpful of Margaux’s date to show his “red flags” so early on. “It was so nice of him to show you his red flags so soon!” one person commented.

Another said: “Men do not bring a single thing to the table except the audacity.”

In a follow-up video, Margaux revealed that the date actually got worse as the night went on, with the TikToker claiming that, at one point, the man tried to “force-feed” her sushi.

After reiterating that she doesn’t like raw fish, she told her followers that her date kept calling her “uncultured” and told her that she needed to “explore more,” and “expand [her] horizons”.

In the video, Margaux also admitted that the date fail was their second date, and that he had previously sent back a dish during their first date and requested it be remade because he doesn’t like cilantro or onions.

“Another red flag was he was really rude to the waitstaff and the valet,” she continued.

According to Margaux, the man continuously tried to encourage her to kiss him in public, and made sure she “knew how much he was paying for the meal”. In the video, she also recalled how her date had questioned her behaviour and claimed that she was “not [her] usual bubbly self”.

Margaux then revealed that she “ghosted” the man after the date as she acknowledged that he wasn’t “entitled to my time”. However, she showed a screenshot of their text conversation, where the man could be seen continuing to contact her.

After the man called her “rude” for ignoring his messages, Margaux replied to his message, with the screenshot showing that the TikToker explained her discomfort over his actions during their last date. “I am a person, so I have boundaries,” she said, after informing the man that his actions made her “uncomfortable,” and that he had brushed off her concerns in a “condescending manner”.

“Thank you for your time, but I don’t think this will work anymore,” she added.

In response to Margaux’s message, the man apologised for his behaviour, and asked if he could make it up to her.

“I swear to you I’m a really good person,” he wrote. However, according to the TikToker, the messages were the last interaction they had, as she noted that she is “never seeing this man again”.

The video prompted renewed criticism over the man’s behaviour from viewers, with one person noting the abundance of red flags.

“My god if you could put every red flag in a man EVER, this is it,” they wrote.

Another person said: “The fact that he says ‘I’m a really good person’ proves he’s not.”

As for why Margaux agreed to a second date at all, she said in the comments of her video that the man “was actually a different person on the first date” except “for the onions thing”.

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