Dean Cain mocked for blocking dozens of Twitter users after Covid mask complaint backfires

‘New Adventures of Superman’ actor said he deleted over 100 accounts following backlash

Gino Spocchia
Wednesday 28 September 2022 14:39 BST

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American actor Dean Cain was widely mocked online after he blocked at least a dozen Twitter users who responded to a tweet complaining about Covid mask rules on a Canadian flight.

The New Adventures of Superman and Vendetta actor was on a flight when he tweeted a picture of himself wearing a face mask on Tuesday and wrote: “Found it utterly ridiculous that I had to wear a mask on the plane – flying to/from Canada”.

While it was unclear which airline he was flying with, many pointed out that Canada still requires passengers to wear a face mask when flying in and out of the country – a rule that comes to an end on 30 September.

“Our country, our rules. Our rules change on Saturday,” tweeted one user on the social media website, which prompted another to respond by saying: “Precisely”.

Others chastised the Superman actor for complaining about the Covid mask rules as he began to block users on the website, and retweeting his arguments

“Not sure who invited you here, but from the majority of Canadians GTFO, and don’t come back,” another user tweeted, to which the actor replied: “So you speak for most Canadians?”

Dean Cain.

The same user responded by saying masks were Cain’s “kryptonite”, in reference to the Superman series that made him a well known name in the 1990s, and mocked the actor for “punching down”.

“So, you think it’s ridiculous to take measures to protect other people, especially those at risk?,” wrote another user of the Canadian Covid rules. “The use of masks has been studied and shown to have an effect on reducing transmission. Glad you find it so laughable.”

Other Twitter users joined together in apparent mockery: “Raise your hand if you’re are blocked by Dean Cain….you’re the lucky ones”, and “Did you know that every time Dean Cain blocks someone so he doesn’t lose an argument, an angel gets their wings?”

“So funny. I was blocked by the b-actor Dean Cain,” wrote another user with a screenshot showing they had been blocked by the actor.

They continued: “I’m sure Chachi will hug him upon his return. He’s irritated with Canadian law. He knew the deal I’m sure. He had his spiffy face mask at the ready. Again, who cares about what he has to say anyway. He quotes MLK. Yeah okay.”

Hours later, Cain – who has previously ranted about “cancel culture” – tweeted that he had blocked more than a 100 accounts and wrote: “Whew! Must have blocked over 100 twitter bots today with a grand total of 246 followers!”

He followed up with another tweet that read: “Fun day today!! Wishing everyone health and happiness!”

The actor has previously attacked Covid vaccine mandates in the US, including in July this year when he wrote: “Covid-19 vaccine mandates are insane”. He has also defended the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn abortion right guaranteed in Roe v Wade and said it should be left to states to decide.

Caine could not be reached for comment by The Independent.

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