Woman claims DoorDash driver bought her a chocolate bar with menstrual pad order

‘My dasher paid with his own money for this and I am cryinggggg,’ she wrote on X

Brittany Miller
New York
Wednesday 27 March 2024 06:27 GMT
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A DoorDash customer has revealed a sweet surprise her driver gave her.

The woman recently posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, a photo of her DoorDash order, which included a package of maxi pads along with a chocolate bar that she said she didn’t order.

“STOOOOP HAHAHA I DIDN’T ORDER THAT CHOCOLATE BAR????” her tweet read. “My dasher paid with his own money for this and I am cryinggggg THANK U ALVIN.”

“It’s so funny too because I really wanted to get something sweet but I couldn’t afford it, couldn’t even afford to get these but I HAD TO and so just I’m blessed with this kindness,” she continued in the thread.

After posting, many people turned to the comments to applaud Alvin for his kind gesture.

“It’s the little things that truly mean the most. This is so sweet,” one comment read.

Another agreed, writing: “Awwww... probably thought you needed it...”

“This is so funny,” a third commenter wrote. “I lowkey did the same thing when I was a dasher, left some gummy bears and chocolate because all she ordered was heating pads for her cramps. Shoutout Alvin.”

However, not everyone has had such a pleasant experience with their DoorDash driver. One customer recently opened up about a weird request from their driver.

Rebecca Rogers took to TikTok to detail the strange experience that happened to her friend after she ordered from the food delivery service. “My friend ordered DoorDash,” she began her video.

“The driver calls her, she answers assuming there’s a problem, maybe he’s lost. The guy says: ‘Hey, I have your food, I’m here.’ She said: ‘Okay, you can leave it at the door.’ [He says] ‘But like, I’m here, you’re not just going to come get it from me?’”

This led her friend to think that she made a mistake in her order and instead requested the driver to hand the food to her. While the driver confirmed that she marked the order to be left at the door, he said the “least she could do” would be to open her door and come take the order from him directly.

“She said: ‘Well, I marked it ‘leave at door,’ so handing it to me isn’t part of your job,’” Rogers continued. “He says: ‘I can’t believe you’re wasting my time like this, you effing b-word.’”

When it came time for her friend to pick up her order, she thought the bag looked like it was “thrown down” on the ground.

“She asked me: ‘Was I being difficult? Should I have just gone to the door like he wanted?’ Girl, no. A random strange man at your door having a temper tantrum that you won’t come out and interact with him?” Rogers said. “That sounds so dangerous.”

“What is going on with these food delivery places?! This is SO WEIRD!” she captioned her clip.

Since it was posted, the TikTok has received more than 200,000 views on the platform. Many people in the comments agreed that his behaviour was weird and something should be done about the driver.

“This is the whole reason you can leave directions to leave it at the door. I wait for them to drive away. I don’t open the door to random people,” one commenter wrote.

Another commenter agreed, writing: “She needs to report it to DoorDash immediately.”

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