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Drew Barrymore is being praised for having ‘simple’ home

‘I love staying in,’ Barrymore writes on TikTok

Amber Raiken
New York
Wednesday 20 March 2024 00:20 GMT
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Drew Barrymore has been praised for her “simple” home as she told her fans how much she loves being a “happy little hermit.”

The 49-year-old talk show shared a recent video to TikTok to showcase the different rooms of her house. Her footage was also set to a viral audio on the app, in which actor Michelle Keegan and broadcaster Fearne Cotton describe how much they “like staying in”.

“I know everyone thinks it’s boring but really, it’s not,” Barrymore wrote in the text over the video, which recites the audio about spending time at home. “It’s the least boring thing. I am a really happy little hermit. I love being at home. I never want to go anywhere.”

Barrymore’s video featured her in different rooms in her home, with one clip showing her making eggs on a frying pan in her kitchen. She went on to serve her eggs on a plate, while she stood next to her stove and countertop.

She then showcased herself putting on a beige vest – over her pyjamas – and a large hat while standing in what appeared to be her room. Aside from her racks of clothing on the wall, the room also featured a tall white dresser, which stood below two pictures on the wall.

The video then showed Barrymore back in her kitchen, before she hilariously put her foot on her filter to serve herself some water in a glass. She went on to take a sip off her cup, as she stood in front of her refrigerator, which was next to a countertop and shelves of other drinkware.

She concluded the video with a clip of her sitting at her dining room table – which had a colourful tablecloth – while there were plates of food scraps in front of her. In the background, the TV was also on, as she showcased her cabinet of other household essentials.

Barrymore emphasised how much she enjoyed being in her home in the caption, writing: “I love staying in.”

The actor’s video has quickly gone viral, with more than 425,400 views. In the comments, many fans applauded Barrymore’s seemingly normal home and the way she designed it.

“I just love how simple but sophisticated you live,” one wrote.

“I love the fact that she lives in a regular apartment doing normal things and just living her best life,” another added.

A third commented: “You give off the vibes of you bought your first apartment and you are still there…so wholesome and cuteeeee.”

Other people in the comments agreed with Barrymore’s remarks, noting that they also enjoy spending time in their homes.

“There’s no place like home. I just don’t want to leave my home. It’s my happy place. calmness, quietness,” one wrote, while another added: “Girl I love staying in too!!!! No drama, I get to do what I want, and it just feels safer!!!”

Earlier this week, Barrymore shared another video of herself in her bathroom, as she showed some of the products from Papatui – Dwayne Johnson’s skincare brand – that she’d been using to care for her tattoos. In the comments, fans also praised Barrymore for having such a “normal” bathroom and being “such an average person” in her TikTok videos.

This isn’t the first time that Barrymore’s home has gone viral on social media. In January, she shared a heartwarming video of herself crying while watching The Wedding Singer on a surprisingly small television that fans couldn’t seem to get over.

“It started this morning and I was on my way to yoga class, and I’m taking the next later one so I could watch it,” she explained. Barrymore filmed herself lounging on a red velvet couch, wearing a cosy, mustard yellow cardigan with a casual white T-shirt and black eyeglass frames. She then panned her camera to reveal the rest of the room she was in, which was seemingly bare except for the medium-sized flatscreen TV, propped on a display stand against a white wall.

While her nostalgia-filled video was met with praise from many fans, it was the size of her TV that seemed to confuse others, with one person on X at the time writing: “Why is Drew Barrymore’s TV so small and bad?” Another joked: “This is exactly the television I would think Drew Barrymore would have.”

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